Ask any therapist and they will probably tell you that the top three hot topics, “talk about your feelings, its your mother’s fault, and please please please start journaling!” On the last topic, journaling, it may be the most helpful suggestion a therapist can make, and those who try it usually have amazing outcomes.

That said, Dr. Jordan Peterson has taken journaling and positive psychology principles to a whole other level with what he calls “Self Authoring.” Total disclosure, his program suites are not free, although they are very inexpensive. He recently offered a small incentive (10%) to spread the message of his work. I have decided to become an affiliate and will link to his work. I am not doing this for profit at all, I am encouraging people who view this to use his amazing program to better their lives. I have used it myself and stand by it wholeheartedly. It will provide detailed insight into your life and will show clear ways to improve and feel the best you can.

For more information –

Self Authoring

And here is the link to purchase –

Purchase Self Authoring

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