Jeff Schneider, LCSW – Psychotherapy, Mental Health, Addictions Counseling, specializing in the treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Mood Regulation and Co-occuring issues. Jeff works primarily with individuals who reside in Woodstock, Pomfret, Putnam, and most other towns within a 50 mile radius of the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut. All people who seek therapy with Jeff will be treated with the highest level of respect, empathic listening and attentive understanding, guaranteed.


Jeff Schneider, LCSW graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Rhode Island College. He went on to distinguish himself in the MSW program at RIC as a vocal and passionate student committed to the principles of ethical treatment of all people. Jeff continued to obtain State licensure in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

He has served as a valuable resource for both private and state agencies in the evaluation and treatment of Depression with Adolescents coping with Co-Occuring Disorders. Jeff Schneider has professional networks with most local doctors, schools, insurance companies, and colleagues to meet the specific needs of all clients. Jeff uses a specific approach which relies on client feedback to track outcomes in therapy as well as monitoring the rapport with him as a therapist at each session, this feedback is shared and discussed and forms the foundation of Jeff’s therapeutic alliance with all people he works with in therapy. Wellness and improvement are expected!

His years as a professional therapist who relies heavily on outcome measures make him uniquely qualified to help individuals who respond well to genuine, honest feedback and seek to improve their lives. The people Jeff works with in therapy are heroes and are treated as such. Jeff works with children, adolescents, and adults in individual, couples and family settings. Throughout twelve years of clinical practice he has helped many hundreds of individuals achieve their treatment goals and can demonstrate clearly how therapy is going, whether the rapport is strong, and when it is time to end therapy.

When Jeff is not working, which is rare, he enjoys his passion for sailing and restoring wooden boats, he considers himself an encyclopedia of Music of all genres and styles.

Jeff Schneider is grateful for 5 loving years of marriage. He is the father of two small children.

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